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  • Do you have a software product that you don’t know how to take to market?
  • Do you have an investment in a start-up that is performing poorly?
  • Do you have an opportunity that may be too early to invest, but has great potential?
  • Do you have an investment that is now ready to accelerate by going international?

Building a high technology company is very challenging. Often a company grows not in a simple linear fashion, but more likely in a series of steps, spurts of fast revenue growth, followed by plateaus. To move from one step or plateau to the next can take a significant investment, e.g. expansion of sales territory from home market to international sales and distribution. In the early life of a start-up you will typically see five distinct steps:

Graph depicting five stages of growth for startups

Taking any one of these steps can be loaded with pitfalls and mistakes. The original founders of the company may have certain skill sets, perhaps related to the technology or service that has been developed, but often they don’t have the skills for the “next step”, particularly when it comes to growing sales.

This is the rationale for SSAAS – Software Success as a Service. We can help you take your business to the next step. With our full breadth of strategy, marketing, sales and technology skills we will be able to rapidly analyse your situation, define your real need and chart out the roadmap forward. It may be to prepare the business for a funding round; it may be to avoid a funding round. By having in-depth experience of the whole start-up life-cycle, no situation is unfamiliar to us.

This is where SSAAS is unique. We don’t just talk about what we can do, we get actively involved and deliver the results through our own people, resources and methodologies. Our raison d’être is to accelerate growth for our clients to help them realise a faster exit without the need for them to lose control of their businesses in the process. This is done on a shared risk-reward model, so our success is based on yours, leading to a complete alignment of common goals. And because we offer more than pure investment, you will find yourself dealing with seasoned professionals who have a proven track record of success within the industry, as opposed to people with purely a finance background.

Now read on and find out how SSAAS can impact your business